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Should secret code help convict?

Sometimes, defendants should be able to see the source code of software that helps to convict them.

What can your ISP see? Facts to keep in mind as you consider the FCC’s new privacy proposal.

The FCC just proposed privacy rules for Internet service providers. Here are some key technical facts.

To reduce hiring bias, some tech companies take a cue from symphonies

Most technology companies claim that they want to have a diverse workforce. But relatively few truly achieve it. Today, new software companies promise to help tackle this challenge. Can they deliver?

Unpacking what a win for the FBI would mean in the Apple case

What would a win for the FBI in the Apple case mean for social justice? How would this potential precedent play out in the real world? The debate is about much more than this one iPhone, in this one case. If Apple can be forced to help the FBI break into this device, expect state and local law enforcement to ask Apple  —  and other tech companies  —  to do the same.

All zero rating is not created equal.

T-Mobile has is offering promising but imperfect “zero rating” scheme. Verizon’s approach is more troubling: It could distort Internet access in ways that net neutrality advocates have spent years trying to prevent.